Norbert Haug fortune

Norbert Haug is a German journalist and former Vice President of Mercedes-Benz motorsport activities, including Formula 1, Formula 3 and DTM. Under his leadership, Mercedes-Benz celebrated remarkable successes in all categories and won numerous races and championships. How rich is Norbert Haug?

Journalist. Born on November 24, 1952 in Engelsbrand, Germany. Norbert Haug fortune is estimated at around 6 million euros. Haug came to Mercedes-Benz in 1990 with the task of reviving motorsport. Under Haug’s leadership, Mercedes-Benz returned to Formula 1 after almost 40 years. In 1993 Haug negotiated a partnership with Peter Sauber. After the serious accident at the Monaco Grand Prix, in which Karl Wendlinger was injured, and when the McLaren team was looking for a new engine supplier, Haug negotiated a partnership between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren from the 1995 season.

Bourgeois name: Norbert Haug
Successor: Toto Wolff
Norbert Haug size: 1.76 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1976

What is Norbert Haug’s net worth?
Norbert Haug’s assets are currently € 6 million.

Known for: Journalist, Mercedes-Benz
Is also often searched for: Susie Wolff, Mario Theissen, Christian Danner, Anne Wis.

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Norbert Haug fortune

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