Northwinds Kennel

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Northwinds Kennel is a wonderful boarding kennel in Toronto. The staff and volunteers are devoted to taking care of the dogs, and the owners love animals with a passion. Penny Smith-Berk is the owner. She has a special place in her heart for animals in need. Many boarding dogs return year after year to Northwinds Kennel because of her caring nature. Northwinds Kennel offers quality boarding and gives the dogs lots of attention.

The rescue organization works to rescue the dogs from the streets of Egypt, where they are usually unadoptable. Although the Quran does allow dogs to be owned, many of these animals are kept in guardianship of livestock and homes. Most of these dogs are small breeds, which make them more attainable to European travelers. In fact, Northwind Kennel is the first place to adopt Egyptian dogs from Egypt. Some of these dogs have been bitten or shot by other animals in their lives.

Northwinds Kennel
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