Octopath Traveler Hired Help Builds

Tressa Colzione is the Octopath Traveler’s most important character. She is extremely skilled with wind magic, bows and polearms. She can also hire mercenary warriors to fight on her behalf. These characters will have better weapons and will be able to identify the weak points of the enemy. Using her Rest ability will heal your HP and cure status ailments.

Octopath Traveler introduces its job classes, which are reminiscent of classic RPGs. Each character has a primary job and class, and secondary job assignments are available in shrines. Using the Divine Skill, you can perform tremendous damage to your enemies for 5000 JP. The game is also very flexible, and you can combine job classes to customize your character. If you are wondering which job is best for you, we have listed ten of the best builds below.

The Hunter is a secondary combat class that is more effective at taking advantage of weaknesses and breaking down enemies. You can use your swords or knives to strike enemies and steal their SP and HP. After you have completed the subclass shrine you can hire another character to use it. You will also learn secondary skills that make you more effective in battle. Weigh your options carefully before choosing a class.

The final job in Octopath Traveler is the apothecary. An apothecary is a jack of all trades. The Apothecary job does not offer stat bonuses but it does give you a huge HP boost. If you’re not sure which class to pick, take the Apothecary job. This job is ideal for those who like to travel and find new knowledge.

Mercenaries are the cheapest option for Hired Help. They cost 150 money and launch a sword attack on all enemies. You can spend up to 150 gold on a Mercenary. Although the Mercenary is a good option, it can be quite expensive and can be very unpleasant. It’s best to save your money on this Hired Help option. A Veteran Soldier will cost you 30,000 gold and will deal a total of 8400 damage to your enemies.

Octopath Traveler Hired Help Builds
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