Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys

If the Dallas Cowboys want to sign Odell Beckham Jr., they need to find a way to pay him. They need a strong quarterback and a wide receiver. Adding OBJ to the Dallas roster would be a huge coup. Dak Prescott is a dynamic quarterback, and Dallas needs a wide receiver. But there’s a catch. OBJ is a free agent and could be purchased by another team, including Eagles.

Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys are willing to pay up. While they’d like to sign Odell Beckham Jr. to a multi-year deal, they’ll have to work around his ACL injury. Dallas already has limited cap space and is still recovering from his second ACL. If they can get him a one-year deal with incentives, that would be a great scenario.

The Dallas Cowboys won’t hesitate to sacrifice draft picks or other valuable assets in order to acquire OBJ. In return, the Giants would receive draft picks in return for the free agent wide receiver. Giants could trade a third-rounder for OBJ. If they can’t find a trade partner for OBJ, Dallas would have to restructure some of the contracts of existing players to make room for him.

OBJ has a connection to DFW, Louisiana, and Texas. He’s close to his mentor Adam Henry, so he could sign anywhere. Moreover, if the Cowboys can’t keep him, he’ll be better suited to sign with a new team. The Cowboys will likely be aware that a Dallas trade might not be possible.

The Dallas Cowboys could also trade OBJ to another team. Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup would be better suited for OBJ. Gallup, while not as explosive as OBJ, is not a high-target receiver. If Amari Cooper is healthy, however, he would be a great fit for Dallas. And while neither is a perfect fit, the Cowboys could try trading for a wide receiver who has the same ability and versatility as OBJ.

Despite the controversy surrounding the NFL’s free agent draft, OBJ’s move to Dallas is a smart move. Matthew Stafford was the former RB and OBJ quickly bonded with him. His production increased. In eight games, OBJ caught 27 passes for 305 yards. In the playoffs, he added 21 catches for 288 yard and two touchdowns. Both sides made the right decision, but it was important to find a team with OBJ’s talents and skills.

Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys
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