Oksana Kolenitchenko fortune

Oksana Kolenitchenko is a reality TV participant and singer. How rich is Oksana Kolenitchenko?

Reality TV participant. Born on October 10, 1987 in Moscow, Russia. Oksana Kolenitchenko fortune is estimated at around 600 thousand euros. She signed her first record deal at the age of 13 – with the major record label Sony BMG Germany. After graduating, she decided to work as a model. Later she decided to attend the German American Idol Show and was chosen among the TOP 5 best singers of the season. Since then she has been active in the German television and music industry. Kolenitchenko is the mother of two young children.

Bourgeois name: Oksana Kolenitchenko
Spouse: Daniel Kolenitchenko (married 2012)
Oksana Kolenitchenko size: 1.70 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 2006

What is Oksana Kolenitchenko’s net worth?
Oksana Kolenitchenko’s fortune is currently € 600 thousand.

Oksana Kolenitchenko Films and TV Shows: Germany is looking for the superstar.
Does he play alongside: Miriam Lange, Anouschka Renzi, Daniela Katzenberger, Daniela Büchner.

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Oksana Kolenitchenko fortune

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