Olive Hinges

Olive Hinges

No matter if you are replacing worn hinges or writing specs for new construction entryways, it is vitally important to select the type of hinge that best complements each door. A hinge that corrodes, breaks or is not secure can pose security risks while incurring more costs in maintenance and repairs.

Olive knuckle hinges feature an H-shaped knuckle which becomes visible only when the door is closed. Since hinges can vary by hand, when ordering be sure to specify which hand it belongs on.

Early Life and Education

Hinges are one of humanity’s oldest inventions, dating back to 1600 B.C. They can be seen pivoting wooden doors from stone sockets in Hattusa (now part of Turkey). As industrialization progressed throughout the 19th Century, hinges became more sophisticated and complex.

Olive hinges are one of the more unique and decorative varieties available today, providing homes with classic or rustic aesthetics with an alternative to butt hinges. Olive hinges come in various sizes and finishes to fit into your door or cabinet perfectly, featuring their single olive knuckle remaining visible when closed; to determine their handing simply stand backwards from it and check which side the knuckle lies – if it’s on the right, that indicates right handedness.

Achievement and Honors

Olive hinges, also known as wide-throw hinges, add an elegant vintage aesthetic to cabinets and doors. Their decorative bearing rings add character while windows may use just one hinge knuckle when closed; olive hinges are made from solid brass stock for durability, available in multiple finishes, with 3″ being ideal for cabinets/small windows and 4+ being ideal for doors.

To lubricate squeaky hinges, place some olive oil directly on them and move them back and forth to work in the grease.

Personal Life

Deltana olive knuckle hinges offer an exceptionally versatile solution to doors and cabinets of all shapes and sizes, as well as easy mounting. Their range of fine finishes maintains quality hardware.

Olive Knuckle Hinges are Paumelle-type hinges featuring an elongated loop and knuckle-like joint to allow rotation. They’re often chosen as cabinet and shutter hinges because their distinctive appearance creates an appealing aesthetic when closed; often only one knuckle will remain visible upon closing of doors or shutters.

These hinges are handcrafted from solid brass, available in an assortment of popular finishes. Sold individually, to determine their handing stand with your back to the door and look at its exterier side (hall side). If it falls on either of your right or left sides it indicates whether it’s right handed or left handed respectively.

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Olive Hinges
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