Olive Sideboard

Olive Sideboard by UNESCO

Olive Sideboard features a distinctive design with softened edges that is made from reclaimed character woods. Crafted by using special treatments and hand finishes that showcase its unique history, natural markings of this one-of-a-kind piece are purposely left intact for an authentic appearance. Three drawers and shelving make it suitable for dining and living storage needs alike.

Early Life and Education

Early life experiences have a tremendous effect on an individual’s future health, learning abilities, and social-emotional well-being. Between birth and age 8 is a crucial timeframe for development – during this period billions of neural pathways form within the brain. Children develop their mental, physical and emotional capacities throughout their early years. If given access to the right support and environment, children can set themselves up for lifelong health, education success and social-emotional wellbeing; otherwise, experiences like poverty, malnutrition, diarrhea or malaria could drastically diminish these outcomes. According to UNESCO’s research on early childhood education and care investment for a nation’s people can have devastating results; early education and care investment is an excellent investment that pays dividends later.

Net Worth

Your net worth (sometimes known as net wealth) is the total value of all of the assets (such as savings accounts and investments, cars, and homes) minus any debts ( such as credit card debt or mortgage debt) you owe or have borrowed (such as credit card debt or mortgage). Your net worth fluctuates over time but monitoring it over time can help ensure you meet your financial goals by saving regularly while managing debt responsibly.

Net worth is closely scrutinized by creditors and investment managers/advisors, who carefully consider its effect on financial flexibility and strength. Achieved goals require financial flexibility; increasing it by decreasing liabilities, growing assets and wisely investing your discretionary income is one way to do that.

Olive Sideboard
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