Olive Sinclair

Olive Sinclair

Olive Sinclair, who had become Strigoi due to protecting her father from them, was restored back into a Dhampir state by Nina Sinclair after they both agreed that this action had occurred.

Scott Witherow of Nashville is the city’s inaugural bean to bar chocolatier and has successfully combined traditional techniques with contemporary European techniques to define Southern artisan chocolate. To do this he uses antique cabinets and old fashioned equipment such as an original melanger machine.

Early Life and Education

Olive was raised to be kind and humble by her wealthy family. Her love for chocolate was legendary and often received accolades for its production in her baking skills.

Scott Witherow started making chocolate in 2007 from small batches at his kitchen table using table-top equipment. An insatiable gourmand, Scott self-taught himself how to craft chocolate by following books and learning from other chocolatiers.

Benton’s Country Hams partner with local artisans such as Allan Benton of benton’s Country Hams to add a hint of hickory smoke flavoring to their cacao nibs for even more artisan chocolate bars, in addition to offering delicious caramels and other confections such as Duck Fat Caramels that are creamy yet salty, as well as Muzzle Loaders which explode in your mouth with their flavor! They even smoke cacao nibs with them for even more delicious treats!

Professional Career

Olive Sinclair, best known for her comedic and dramatic roles, is an English actress widely acclaimed for both comedic and dramatic roles. She has received three Emmy Awards as well as winning a Golden Globe Award for her work on ITV crime-drama series Broadchurch; additionally, she became popular through her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix’s period-drama The Crown series.

Scott Witherow creates chocolate like no one else in East Nashville – Tennessee’s first bean-to-bar chocolatier is reinventing Southern artisanal chocolate by using local food traditions and ingredients, partnering with other makers locally, attracting celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow to his brand, and retro-style labels on his compact production area. A tour through his compact production area takes you back in time: antique cabinets, pendant factory lighting, old pine beams crafted into new beams, retro labels…

Achievement and Honors

Olive Percival led an extraordinary life as one of Los Angeles’s turn-of-the-century working girls. She was an artist, designer of paper dolls, toy maker, writer and activist; also serving as insurance clerk, gardener and collector of Japanese art. Olive was honored by Lambeth Council and her work can be found archived across Southern California libraries.

Scott Witherow fulfills every child’s dream of opening their own chocolate factory. His small-batch maker of Southern artisan chocolate operates out of an old brick storefront in East Nashville, Tennessee and uses antique melanguers and European techniques to craft his premier product, seasoning it with unique ingredients such as buttermilk, salt and pepper or Mexican-style cinnamon chili for maximum flavor. In addition, Scott partners with local artisans for added variety.

Personal Life

Olive Sinclair had many important relationships, including writers Violet Hunt and Evelyn Underhill as well as artist Katherine Tynan Hinkson. These friendships provided Olive with literary and personal support that was crucial for her growth as a writer.

Nina Sinclair is her younger half-sister. As a teenager, she abandoned her studies in order to protect her father. Due to this selfless act, she was transformed into a Strigoi after protecting him against an assault group of Strigoi.

Olive Sinclair went on to marry Lee Madison Mercer and have four children together, including Jessie John Mercer. Olive Sinclair died July 5, 1985 and was interred at her Louisiana burial plot, leaving behind only her son David as her living legacy. Born 1905.

Net Worth

Anne Sinclair is one of the best known personalities to have built her career through hard work and exceptional interrogating abilities. Her efforts have garnered her immense acclaim as well as numerous awards including Sept d’Or awards.

She is an inspiration to the general population as she has proven that hard work pays off – building successful foundations at such a young age and still going strong even now at over 80.

Scott Witherow puts the “art” in artisan chocolate by roasting, grinding and blending cocoa beans on-site at Nashville’s first bean-to-bar maker. He offers unique combinations such as 75% Cacao Dominican Republic bars with bourbon-infused brittle or Duck Fat Caramels as part of his product offerings.

Olive Sinclair
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