olive wax

Olive Oil Gifts

Olive oil adds depth and complexity to everything from tomato-mozzarella Caprese salads to Genius-approved olive-oil fried eggs, while also being an attractive gift option – particularly when packaged in beautiful bottles, jars or tins that eliminate the need for wrapping paper!

Our COSMOS and ECOCERT certified olive wax is produced using the unsaponifiables fraction of olive oil to provide a reliable cosmetic ingredient with similar melting point to beeswax for enhanced stability in products.

Achievement and Honors

Olive wax is a key component in cosmetic products used for body and hair care, acting as a multifunctional stabilizing lipid that aids in creating stable oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. Olive wax can also serve as an agent to co-condition hair care treatments to increase silkiness and manageability of the strands.

Honeydew wax can serve as an excellent replacement to beeswax in vegan-friendly formulations, thanks to its highly lipophilic characteristics and excellent dermatological properties. Furthermore, this substance also contributes to improving skin-feel and comfort by improving lipophilicity and providing moisture.

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Personal Life

Olive wax is a soft, white and non-odorous natural ingredient used as a thickener and emulsifier in beauty products. Additionally, it acts as an effective moisturizer. Olive wax can easily be melted for use across many cosmetic applications; plus it’s free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives making it a safer alternative than other waxes on the market.

Olives typically feature a thin coating of naturally produced wax that likely serves as a bio-armor against attacks from fungi and yeasts, and helps protect their oil against oxidation and moisture loss.

Oliwax is a multipurpose stabilizing lipid made entirely from ultra refined pure olive oil, designed as an exceptional stabilizing agent and co-emulsifier for oil-in-water emulsions. Additionally, Oliwax acts as an active emollient for hair care formulations due to its silkiness and gentle skin feel.

Net Worth

Olive trees are protected by an all-natural wax that acts like bio-armour, restricting moisture loss and protecting their flesh against disease.

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Cosmetic, personal care and candle-making products often incorporate this vegan alternative to beeswax as an effective thickening and emulsifying agent, lending luxurious texture and spreading capability to creams, lotions and balms while being nontoxic and biodegradable. Plus it melts easily when mixed with other oils or butters!

olive wax
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