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El Nuevo Subdirector Polcial General de Cibao Central

Eduardo Alberto Then, Minister of Interior and Policia of Dominica, today introduced General Orison Olivence Minaya as his new subdirector policial general responsible for Cibao Central with headquarters in Santiago.

Minaya hails from Tamboril and has over thirty years of experience in political service.

Professional Career

Public Institution of National Police announced on Monday that General Olivence Minaya had assumed his new post as Director Regional Sureste with Headquarters at San Pedro de Macoris – General Minaya thanked Coronel Ramon Azcona Reyes from Antipandillas Department as well as all Subdirectores de Trabajo and Policas Institutionales for their service in this capacity.

Orison Olivence Minaya stated he will maintain President Luis Abinader’s political energy by spearheading real transformation and modernization within the department of justice, providing enhanced public safety protection, while strengthening cooperation among officers.

Achievement and Honors

Today, the National Police have officially appointed General of Brigade Orison Olivence Minaya as Southeast Regional Sureste Chief in SPM (Republica Dominicana). As part of this event, he received delivery of the weapon which cut off one hand during an incident at Jose Joaquin Perez Elementary School in San Pedro de Macoris.

A man named Martin Moggitti is being accused of assaulting an elementary school student with an illegal white weapon.

Minaya highlighted his SWAT unit as an “expert policing unit designed to handle special population situations”, according to Vila del Castillo. Additionally, Minaya pledged his cooperation with all sectors in Puerto Plata while taking on the challenge of fighting crime across its spectrum of manifestations – such as antisocial behaviour. Minaya holds onto ethical values, moral virtues and acting with care and ethics when acting with these units.

Personal Life

General of Brigada Orson Olivence Minaya began his new appointment today as director regional noreste of the Policia Nacional with headquarters at San Pedro de Macoris. On the next day, Chief of Ordnance Eduardo Alberto Then visited all offices within his institution to give out flowers in appreciation of five coworkers’ daily contribution both operationally and administratively.

At the same time, the General of Police assisted with carrying out an investigation focusing on two people linked with violently attacking immigrants. Odo de Moca held high ethical and moral values as well as having strong support within his local community.

olivence minaya
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