Oliver 1255

Oliver 1255 – A Well-Known Wellsville Sports Figure

The Oliver 1255 tractor, introduced as its replacement of the 1250-A in 1970, was similar to other 55 series tractors in many ways. It utilized CAV diesel injection and filtration system. However, its 1355 counterpart used a different oil pump equipped with larger balancer unit that increased coolant capacity to 14 quarts.

Early Life and Education

Oliver excelled both academically and athletically while attending Wellsville High School, earning her coach, Newt Oliver’s, nickname of Bevo and being nicknamed by residents as “The Lady of the Lake,” after the lake which divided Wellsville from its neighbors. Following graduation, she attended Rio Grande College in Ohio and played basketball there – being named three-time All-American en route. Oliver made an impactful statement about community leadership by becoming both first woman of color elected to House of Representatives as well as first Black female lieutenant Governor ever!

Governor Phil Murphy appointed her Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs.

Professional Career

Oliver began her customer service career in 2004 and ended it in 2010. Her duties included answering telephone calls and conducting research to provide answers to customer inquiries.

Oliver informed a customer during a customer call that she would turn off his lights if he did not pay his bill, prompting the customer to notify TECO, which then referred Oliver for support through its Employee Assistance Program.

Oliver provided statements from two co-workers that lauded her professionalism; however, these cannot satisfy Oliver’s burden to demonstrate that TECO’s legitimate and nondiscriminatory reasons for referring her to an Employee Assistance Program were pretextual.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver 1255 is an award-winning sports figure who was honored numerous times for his incredible achievements. An alumni of Rio Grande College, Oliver was part of its 1953-54 basketball team which won national championship. Additionally, Oliver made significant contributions to blood and transfusion medicine; receiving recognition through Royal College of Pathologists Percy Lane Oliver Memorial Award given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions in transfusion medicine.

Personal Life

Oliver was an unfailingly committed custodian, never missing a day of work and taking great pride in keeping the schools he served clean. He leaves behind his wife Goldie; sons Wayne and Kevin Oliver; daughters Vanessa Ward and Daryl Ward; grandchildren Gregory Rhonda Joshua Oliver Bethany and Isaiah Mallory and Daryl Ward as his legacy.

Ric Burns’ documentary delves deep into Oliver Sacks’ unique persona as a neurosurgeon and artist. It provides an engaging look at an individual who blended science, art and storytelling seamlessly in ways no one could fully untangle – something this month will be demonstrated at Sarasota Film Festival.

Oliver 1255
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