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Neighbours Characters – Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin)

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Carmella was shocked when an unknown individual approached her at the bar and informed her of Will’s existence, even as they tried to convince him otherwise. Carmella attempted to persuade the individual not to pursue this line of questioning any further but he insisted. She eventually tried getting him off her back but it wouldn’t go.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin) first made an appearance on Neighbours on 30 January 2007. He is Rebecca Napier’s (Jane Hall) son and has one sibling named Declan Napier.

Oliver becomes jealous when Carmella starts an online relationship with Marco Silvani, sparking him into taking measures of his own to find out why Marco divorced Marisa due to infertility issues and thus precipitating an angry fight between himself and Marco Silvani.

Later, Carmella and Oliver become close with Mia, whom Marco had recently begun stalking for pregnancy purposes. Mia confides in Oliver that Marco was stalking her because of this pregnancy, further increasing tensions. These escalated further when Carmella went into labour unexpectedly and required emergency cesarean section surgery; both mother and daughter survived the procedure despite this traumatising experience.

Professional Career

Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin) first made an appearance on Australian soap opera Neighbours in January 2007 as Rebecca Napier’s (Jane Hall) oldest son and brother Declan Napier (James Sorensen). Upon learning his history, Oliver makes the decision to stay in Erinsborough with Carmella Cammeniti (Natalie Blair) and Elle Cammeniti; eventually starting a romantic relationship. When Paul Blackmails Ned Parker (Scott Lee) to break them up; soon afterwards Chloe was prematurely born before Marco Silvani (Salim Jaffery) married her and died shortly afterwards.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver’s major storylines included finding his birth parents, discovering he is adopted, and becoming a father. Later in the series he is involved in a car accident which leaves him unconscious for some time, upon awakening he learns his grandfather was in fact his adoptive father as well as that Paul wasn’t his biological father (after meeting Rebecca Napier (Jane Hall).

Oliver and Carmella Cammeniti (Natalie Blair) begin dating, only for Paul Blacktoken Ned Parker (Steve Peacock) to blackmail Ned into helping him break them apart. Later, Oliver reveals his baby is Elle’s, which causes Elle great distress; eventually Oliver accepts his daughter is Elle’s and accepts that his child will eventually take care of Elle as she refuses to accept this truth.

She eventually helps Marco Silvani (Petra Yared) battle a drug cartel and invites him to her baby’s birth, only for Marco to tragically pass away shortly thereafter and she decides instead to marry Oliver.

Personal Life

Carmella is blackmailed by Paul into taking over her family business and starts dating Ray (Jeff Kovski). When Oliver returns, he learns of Carmella’s incestuous affair with Ray; upon learning this fact he becomes disgruntled at her ruthlessness and begins an affair with Elle (Natalie Blair).

Once Declan Napier (Jane Hall) quits Neighbours, Oliver attempts to get him back by blackmailing Paul into helping him split Oliver and Carmella apart by placing a bomb in their delivery van but this fails when it hits someone who wasn’t intended.

Oliver later discovers his biological father is Richard Aaronow (Blair Venn). After confronting Rebecca about this fact, Oliver learns of Richard Aaronow’s violent nature; she informs him he sexually abused Rebecca as an infant.

Net Worth

Carmella earns a handsome sum from her WWE contracts and dance/modeling gigs, as well as other lucrative ventures such as dance pedagogy. Her net worth stands at over $2 Million.

Oliver became concerned when he noticed how much time Carmella was spending with Marco Silvani, but quickly forgot their differences as Carmella doubled over in agony and Oliver knew that he couldn’t abandon his family to focus on his career alone.

Things were about to become even more fraught when Declan informed Oliver of how Paul had made Rebecca’s life unbearable after she shoved him off of Lassiter’s mezzanine at Lassiter’s. Paul was contesting ownership of Barnes Hotel Empire after discovering Oliver wasn’t his biological daughter.

Oliver Barnes
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