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Learn Japanese With Oliver Nguyen

Learning a foreign language opens up many doors: career advancement, increased understanding of cultures and even increased brain health!

As globalization expands, communicating across cultures becomes ever-more critical. Here are some tips for learning a foreign language.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Nguyen had just finished middle school when the sun rose over Tokyo. A bright and happy child, Oliver found Japan an exciting and stimulating new environment and was getting straight As in every subject he studied.

As Oliver was collecting signatures, his mind wandered toward his teacher. She wrote out something for him he later found to be profound: ‘Always believe in yourself and you can achieve anything’ which hit a nerve with Oliver and has since served him well in life.

Professional Career

Oliver is an experienced corporate attorney specializing in the intersection of international law, technology and business. She advises clients on various commercial matters including licensing agreements, R&D agreements and research collaboration agreements spanning consumer electronics, life sciences and automotive industries. Her practice spans multiple industry sectors.

Dyke and Sokolova went from Adrenaline Pro Wrestling to Elite Japan Wrestling (EJW), sharing an apartment with fellow EJW signee Gareth Williams whom they would often team with during their short tenure there and quickly garnered an excellent reputation as competitors.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver was born in Huntley in the midwestern United States and quickly rose to become an internationally acclaimed best-selling author and expert on Japanese art and culture. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Oliver has received multiple distinguished awards in recognition of his efforts.

Oliver has made extensive contributions to MIT Superconducting Quantum Information Science (QIS), expanding the state-of-the-art for the design, fabrication and measurement of quantum bits or qubits at millikelvin temperatures in experiments performed by QIS experiments conducted in his laboratory. Furthermore, he spearheads cryogenic electronics programs essential to future QIS demonstrations as well as U.S. Department of Defense advanced computing and imager applications.

The Oliver Honors Institute was established with the belief that critical engagement with some of history’s great works can produce Christian leaders capable of changing our world with integrity and grace.

Personal Life

Dr Sophie Richard, an art historian specializing in Japanese museums, will join Oliver to share her experiences from visiting galleries of all types across Japan – and how this has contributed to shaping her perceptions of what constitutes a museum.

Oliver will be joined by Professor David Rear of Chuo University to explore the concept of Nihonjinron, which has long characterized Japanese society with its notions of uniqueness and group-consciousness. David Rear will explore how this discourse has been challenged by internationalisation and individuality discourses.

Oliver will be joined by Marta Fanasca, a researcher of Gender Studies from the University of Manchester, to explore gender in Japan through Danso crossdressing escort services and examine how such practices challenge binary notions of traditional and weird Japan generated by British travel shows.

Net Worth

Oliver Platt’s acting career has earned him widespread critical acclaim and earned him an estimated net worth of $10 Million, most of it earned from acting.

Alongside his acting, he is actively engaged in charity work. He serves as a board member of the U.K. Philanthropy Governance Committee and sits on the Stowe School board; additionally he helps raise funds for Blue Ventures marine conservation project and Help for Heroes.

Mr. Wang is also an authority in globalization and Southeast Asian economies, having spoken at numerous conferences and business councils on these subjects. Furthermore, he regularly contributes to McKinsey Global Institute as a regular contributor as well as writing on regional growth issues.

oliver japanese
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