Oliver Prose

Oliver Prose

Oliver Prose is an Irish actor best known for his roles in Master Harold…and the Boys and Kimberly Akimbo on stage. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Prose has received many nominations in prestigious theatre competitions worldwide.

He plays Alex Mann in New York, an energetic musical from Fred Ebb and John Kander about musicians attempting to establish themselves in New York. It makes its Broadway debut this April.

Early Life and Education

Oliver was heavily impacted by her surroundings; her poetry often celebrated nature’s natural wonders such as trees, berries and birds.

But she was known for writing poetry with an emphasis on social realism as well. One of her most acclaimed poems, published in 1966 in Sewanee Review was entitled “Neighbors”.

Oliver became the founding editor of New Zealand’s most ambitious historical undertaking: the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. Throughout this time he demonstrated an exceptional breadth of intellectual interests as well as personal and administrative capabilities to carry out his role effectively as editor; furthermore he was highly esteemed teacher, public lecturer, and social commentator.

Professional Career

Oliver was celebrated throughout her long career for her pastoral style and spiritual content. She avoided formal experimentation of modernist writers in favor of free verse, drawing inspiration from Sufi poet Rumi as well as American pastoral poets Marianne Moore and Edna St Vincent Millay who she visited regularly as a teenager and with whom she formed close ties.

Prose hails from New York City and his theater credits include Master Harold…and the Boys, Kimberly Akimbo and The O’Leary Theory. Additionally he performed with Interlochen Arts Camp orchestra as well as graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has received many honors and awards, such as a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and Guggenheim Foundation grant, for her poems that explore nature and celebrate its primitive, spiritual aspects. Her poetry centers around nature as she celebrates its primitive beauty with each poem written.

Early works such as No Voyage and Other Poems (1963) and The River Styx, Ohio (1972) drew on her experiences from her hometown in Ohio. Later she would spend several years at Edna St Vincent Millay’s house in Upper New York State working closely with Edna’s sister Norma while organizing Edna’s papers.

Prose plays the jaded violin protege in New York, New York by legendary songwriters John Kander and Fred Ebb. This energetic musical follows the volatile relationship between bright-eyed musician Francine Evans (Anna Uzele) and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Doyle (Colton Ryan), with music inspired by a time when New York was full of dreams.

Personal Life

Oliver was an exceptionally prolific poet, publishing at least one book every two years. Her poems often explored the intersection between humans and nature, including observations of wildlife or plant life as they related to her self. According to Jeanette McNew, Oliver respectfully conferred subjecthood upon objects without trying to separate identity from objectness, thus modeling an inclusive and ecumenical form of identity.

She made an impactful impact as an educator, serving as Catharine Osgood Foster Professor of Distinguished Teaching at Bennington College in Vermont until her retirement in 2001. A beloved public figure who inspired readers worldwide with her words of wisdom. Sadly she passed away at age 83 in Hobe Sound Florida early 2019; yet, her legacy still lives on today.

Net Worth

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Oliver Platt is best known for his roles in movies and tv shows such as Married to the Mob, Bulworth, The Ice Harvest, Casanova, Frost/Nixon and Please Give. Additionally he holds numerous endorsement deals which increase his income stream.

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Oliver Prose
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