Olos by Caesar Bathroom Furniture Launch

Caesar has launched Olos, a brand to promote its ceramic tiles, furniture, and other products. The brand is targeted at professionals in the industry and has two distinct goals – to increase the use of ceramic tiles for interior design and launch an industrial range. Olos products range from bespoke sets to kitchen and bathroom furniture. The company has also launched Olos furniture to suit commercial and domestic applications. Olos furniture can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in interior design projects such as a hotel lobby.

Cesar’s Wall Waiter shelving system

The modular design of Cesar’s Wall Waiter allows you to design a unique layout that suits your kitchen. You can combine modules in either a linear or asymmetrical fashion. You can use the shelves and hooks to display items or store cooking utensils. This frees up valuable benchtop space. To see more of the benefits of Cesar’s Wall Waiter, click here.

This Italian kitchen manufacturer started out with only one product, the Wall Waiter shelving system. However, last May, Cesar began operating in the U.S. and plans to expand brand awareness and open a flagship store during the show. This is a great opportunity to purchase Cesar’s innovative shelving system. Once installed, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a custom-made kitchen in no time.

The wall-waiter is a multifunctional shelving system made from two aluminium profiles. It is available in white and titanium finishes and features an integrated LED sensor light. It can add illumination to your kitchen benchtop and is also compatible with a pull-down flap, which makes a handy shelf. The Wall Waiter comes in a variety of configurations, including wall-mounting, adjustable units, and under-the counter options.

Olos by Caesar

The Olos by Caesar bathroom furniture launch was part of the brand’s ongoing mission to encourage the use of ceramic slabs for interior design. Caesar’s materials combine stunning aesthetics with first-rate technical properties. This comprehensive range allows designers to create a wide range of finished furniture, including worktops and benches. These pieces are suited to both industrial and residential settings. The brand is designed to appeal to professionals as well as home consumers.

The brand’s launch in Bolognese was the place to see the new bathroom furniture. This new range of furnishings combines ceramic tiles and porcelain to create a unique, personalized environment. The collection includes ceramic-tile-based tops, shower trays, and washbasins. This allows users to match furniture to existing surfaces. Bathroom furniture can be customized to reflect the owner’s personal style with a variety of finishes and colours.

Cesar’s Williamsburg kitchen island

In its design, Cesar’s Williamsburg kitchen island takes cues from modern bridges. The monolithic structure transmits a feeling of lightness while ensuring structural strength. The Williamsburg kitchen island is ideal for a kitchen that serves both as a work space and a social space, thanks to its combination of aesthetic lightness and structural strength. Although its shape is reminiscent of a traditional island kitchen, its minimalist design makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Inspired by modern bridges, Cesar’s Williamsburg kitchen island is a central working space for the kitchen. It also doubles as a table, so you won’t have to sacrifice your work space for a table. Inspired by bridge design, the Williamsburg kitchen island has two supporting structures at either end and a suspended horizontal element joining them. It is a solid, elegant design that conveys harmony and safety.

This design combines modern design with industrial inspiration, making it ideal for both domestic and outdoor environments. This distinctive structure is reminiscent of a modern bridge. The solid side pillars are connected by a longitudinal element. This version can be used indoors and outdoors and is made from ceramic and AISI 316 Stainless Steel. This piece is elegant and sophisticated thanks to its diamond-effect door frames and diamond-cut handle.

Its design reflects the same concepts as its predecessors – a focus on people, rather than a room. Every space is unique and has its own personality. It’s important to create spaces that encourage these emotions. After all, a kitchen should be a place where people can express themselves freely and comfortably. This is the type of design that brings these two elements together.

A kitchen with Cesar’s Williamsburg kitchen island could also be used to complement the company’s 50’s-style shelving system. The company’s eclectic kitchen collection also includes the Cesar Intarsio collection, which was recently introduced at EuroCucina in Milan. This line of furniture is designed by Garcia Cumini, the company’s Art Director. Cesar’s Williamsburg island kitchen is ideal for modern and eclectic homes.

Olos by Caesar Bathroom Furniture Launch
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