Olympic View School is Committed to Academic Excellence

The Olympic View School students and staff work together to achieve academic success. During the school day, students are encouraged to do their best in class, treat their teachers with kindness, and learn as much as possible. All students are provided with the tools they need to reach their educational goals. Here’s more information on the School’s Student and Staff Success. After all, academic achievement is the foundation of any school.

Team: olympic View Golden Eagles

Olympic View School prepares students for a changing future. Students learn skills that will help them become better citizens by pursuing academic excellence. The school’s motto “An Olympic View education for the best students” is a fitting description. Students and staff are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness, and students are encouraged to contribute to the community through service, leadership, and the arts.

Staff: The olympic View Community focuses on student excellence

The Olympic View community focuses on student excellence, as evidenced by its high school graduation rates. The school serves 800 students, from kindergarten through sixth grade, and is committed to student success. Students receive rigorous academic instruction, and they learn skills to be contributing members of society. Olympic View is a hub for community activities and preparing students for the 21st Century. Here are some of the things that make Olympic View so unique:

Students: Olympic View students excel in academics

The community at Olympic View School is committed to ensuring students have the best education possible and to teaching them the skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing world. Academics and sports are both important components of student development at the school. On October 19, students were invited to participate in a Public Safety Day. The Sheriff Bomb squad, CVPD and other support personnel were available to assist with the week. The school’s Navy partners also participated.

Staff at Olympic View Elementary School are friendly and hardworking. Students are provided with 1 hour classes each week, which is perfect for struggling students. Olympic View Elementary School offers Title 1 and special education services to its students. Olympic View has students who are severely autistic. The school offers enrichment programs that will help students reach their academic potential. Olympic View students excel in sports. While the school has a great reputation for academic achievement, students are often put in situations where they may need extra assistance.

Olympic View School is Committed to Academic Excellence
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