Oral Cal Plus During Whelping

Oral calcium supplements can be beneficial for moms during whelping and nursing. This formula not only helps maintain bone health in the new mother and her newborn baby, it can reduce the risk of eclampsia and postpartum calcium deficiency. Oral calcium supplements are made with a goat milk base and contain calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3.

Calcium given to your bitch while she is whelping can cause eclampsia. It is likely to kill your little one before you can get her to the vet. A bitch’s parathyroid gland regulates calcium levels. This dangerously low level can be caused by calcium during whelping. Your bitch’s calcium levels will be dangerously low. This can lead to eclampsia.

Although supplementation is desirable during whelping, it’s important to give the bitch a calcium supplement that is readily absorbed into the body. One of the best calcium supplements for a bitch is Breeders’ Edge(r) ORAL CAL PLUS, which can be given several times during the birthing process. This calcium gel is easily absorbed and can help the bitch fine-tune the bone level in the newborn.

A queen may also receive oral cal plus during childbirth. It supports strong contractions, calcium absorption, and mental alertness. It also supports dilation. Oral cal plus can also prevent calcium deficiency after whelping. Here’s the scoop on oral cal plus during weaning.

In order to determine whether or not your bitch’s calcium intake is adequate, consider checking her milk levels regularly. Normally, her milk level should be around 1.4 percent calcium. Her calcium intake should be around 1.4 percent. If it is lower, she might experience muscle twitches, listlessness and ineffective labor. Supplementing calcium can also be helpful for pregnant cats and dogs who are having a difficult time giving birth.

Oral Cal Plus During Whelping
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