Orange Is The New Black Stud

orange is the new black stud 53347

Tiffany convinces Suzanne to join her kickball club a few years after they first met in a bar. But she is still skeptical. The pair quickly become best friends and quickly get along. Tiffany soon discovers that their relationship is not perfect and that they aren’t as close as they thought.

Tiffany is involved in a prison riot while she waits. Tiffany escapes prison and hides in Coates’ home during the chaos. Coates sees her and begins to be concerned about Tiffany’s behavior. Coates confronts Tiffany, telling her that she’s suspicious of him, but Tiffany tells him she wants to be sure that he’s not raping her. Coates then offers an apology and Tiffany decides to forgive him. Boo eventually steps in to help Tiffany.

Orange Is The New Black Stud
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