OSRS Quest Helper – Is it Safe to Use?

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You might be having trouble with the questing system in OSRS. If so, you can find out what OSRS Quest Helper looks like and whether it is safe to use. First, you will need to download Runelite. This third-party client is approved by the developers of OSRS. Runelite comes with a variety of useful features, such as a hit box helper or clue scroll helper. This is because some features of the software are not included in the standard client.

The OSRS Quest Helper will help you keep track how many quests you have completed. There are 144 quests in total, of which 123 are member-only and 21 are free. The free ones will only net you 43 quest points, while the member-only ones will earn you 275. You can also use the Quest Helper to help you complete simpler quests. There are certain situations where this tool is not appropriate.

OSRS Quest Helper – Is it Safe to Use?
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