Own a Cowgirl Doll

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If you’ve always wanted to own a cowgirl doll, now is the time! This yodeling doll will be a huge hit. This doll is western-styled, with a patterned shirt & jeans. She even has fringe on her skirt, and boots! This doll comes with many accessories, including a pink cowgirl hat and cotton bandanna. She’s also ready to attend the shindig!

This vintage cowgirl doll is hand painted, and features a red heart-shaped mouth and blinking eyes. Her long, painted lashes are accentuated by her red lipstick. Her vest features cowboys with a lariat swinging and a rearing horse. Her vintage cowgirl outfit also includes a silky pink shirt and a pair of genuine green leather chaps. She also has a gold belt buckle, and a sculpted-metal gun in a case.

Own a Cowgirl Doll
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