Paikka Dog Raincoat

As a pet owner, you know the difficulties of dealing with muddy paws and dirty laundry. A paikka dog raincoat is designed to keep your pooch safe from the elements and dry quickly after being wet. It also features a reflective surface, which makes your pet visible and safe in any condition. The 100% waterproof fabric and taped seams make this raincoat one of the most durable dog coats available.

The PAIKKA Visibility Dog Raincoat has a hood, waterproof outer material, reflective effect, and warm inner material. The reflective material keeps water from entering the interior. The natural wool in the coat keeps your dog warm, while its moisture-wicking and antibacterial inner material keeps it dry. It also features reflective materials that allow your dog to be easily seen in low light conditions.

Paikka raincoats come in various sizes and designs. Sizing is based on the length of your dog’s back, which helps to keep him dry in wet weather. The raincoat can be adjusted from the neck to the waist belt, leg loops, and down to the neck. If your dog’s back is longer, it’s longer. The raincoat is elasticized at the neckline so it stays put and doesn’t fly up in wind.

Paikka Dog Raincoat
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