Patrick Ewing Net Worth – A Quick Look at His Career Highlights

As an NBA star, Patrick Ewing has an estimated net worth of $75 million. His first contract was worth $17 million, and that amount grew considerably over the years. During his two seasons with Orlando Magic, he earned $3.9 million. His media presence is also extensive, and he starred in the 1996 film Space Jam. He also took on the role of head coach of his alma mater, George Town, after his father died. Ewing started supporting Adidas in 1986 and later endorsed other sneaker brands such as Converse, Nike, and Nike.

After retiring from playing in the NBA, Patrick Ewing turned his attention to coaching. He became the head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas in 2017 and the head coach of the Washington Wizards in 2018. During his tenure as a head basketball coach, the Hoyas won the Big East Tournament in 2021. Ewing’s net worth has steadily risen. A quick look at his career highlights his accomplishments as an athlete, coach, and businessman.

Ewing’s success with Ewing Athletics, his clothing line, has helped increase his net worth. After separating from adidas at the start of his career, he branched out and launched his own brand. This brand was sublicensed to Next Sports in 1991, and was popular with artists. The brand made more than $40M annually, but it eventually closed its doors. Fortunately, the Ewing Athletics brand relaunched in 2012 after partnering with GPF Footwear LLC.

Ewing was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States when he was twelve years old. He showed great talent in football and cricket and later switched to basketball. Patrick Ewing is the father of six siblings who attended Georgetown University. He currently works as the head trainer of the basketball team at Georgetown University. In his spare time, he continues to work with the Georgetown University team. His net worth is expected to increase significantly so keep an eye on him!

Ewing also has a successful business venture with GPF Footwear LLC, a company he cofounded with David Goldberg in 2012. The company capitalized on the retro trend in the footwear industry and landed a deal with Nike. Ewing is married Rita Williams and has three kids, Randi Ewing Jr. and Patrick Ewing Jr. His oldest daughter, Corey Ewing, played volleyball at Fordham University and is currently playing for the Georgetown Hoyas.

After Rita Williams’ marriage, Patrick had an affair. Heather Errico was a dancer and was a member the NY Knicks. This relationship ended when Heather resigned from her dance troupe, which was unusual for a dancer. Heather Errico was said to have met Patrick at away games. It is not clear if Patrick slept with Heather Errico but their relationship ended in divorce. In addition to a relationship, Patrick also has a daughter, Alexis, with Cheryl Weaver, a former indoor volleyball player. She has also participated in the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

Patrick Ewing Net Worth – A Quick Look at His Career Highlights
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