PBR New England – High School Baseball

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You might not think of high-school baseball when you hear “pbr New England”. That’s because the sport is still a bit underdeveloped, but it does feature some of the most compelling prospects in the country. If you’re looking for information on amateur and high school baseball, check out the PBR New England website. The site also includes photos of the Top 10 Prospects. To get a glimpse at the content, you must register as a member. You can do this by logging in with your email address.

The PBR New England Summer Series is held in Lynn, MA and is hosted by Fraser Field. The tournament software is Playbook365 Baseball Tournament Software. The tournaments provide the highest level of exposure and quality to aspiring young pitchers. In 2017, the Astros won the PBR National Championship. The 17u Colt 45’s captured the Music City Classic. And the 13u Astros won the PBR National Program Invite.

PBR New England – High School Baseball
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