Peanut Ball and Labor and Delivery – The Flying Cowgirl Technique

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If you’re having trouble getting your baby to turn around in the pelvic outlet, try using a peanut ball to help you rotate. The peanut ball works in two ways: it lifts the upper leg and opens the pelvic outlet. You can angle the peanut ball so that it hooks around the narrower part of the pelvic outlet while the rest of the leg aligns with mom’s ankle and knee. You can use it anywhere you want, but the right placement depends on how comfortable you are. Most women use it to rotate the posterior baby into the anterior position.

Doula Heidi Thaden Pierce performed the first test on her clients. She said that the peanut balls helped them open their pelvis and allow them to rotate in different directions. She used the peanut ball while sitting on the floor, kneeling, and rotating her body. The second test saw her lunge, which opened her pelvis in a different manner. During the first part of the study, Makenzie held the peanut ball in her legs and squatted.

The peanut ball has many benefits, including its ease on the pelvic region. It can support rotation and descent of the baby, widening the pelvis and opening the birth canal. It can also reduce labor’s active and pushing stages. If you are a doula, you might want to consider introducing this technique to your class to teach women how it helps them transition through labor. This article was photographed by the University of Utah’s Labor and Delivery Unit.

It’s best to practice “Flying Cowgirl”, during bed labor. You can use a peanut ball or stirrups or a prop to open the pelvic inlet. This technique is also known as Walcher’s method and is particularly useful for mothers who are confined to a bed. You can also modify the position by placing a wedge or blanket in front of the pelvic opening. You can also do it during labor while lying on your stomach or on your back.

Peanut Ball and Labor and Delivery – The Flying Cowgirl Technique
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