Pear Shaped Head Chihuahua

One of the few varieties is the Pear-shaped head Chihuahua. Its skull shape is very similar to that of a deer and the breed’s name derives from its pear-shaped head. The AKC breed standard mentions that pear-shaped Chihuahuas have apple-like facial features, though geneticists believe that these are the result of genetics. This type of Chihuahua has the same general shape as the deer head variety, but is slightly more rounded.

The Deer head Chihuahua’s muzzle is longer and narrower than the Pear-shaped Chihuahua. This type of head shape is more attractive to pet owners, due to its similarity to the head shape of a deer. These dogs are more healthy and have fewer genetic problems than the Chihuahua with a pear shape head.

A Pear-shaped Chihuahua’s head has a wider nose than an apple-shaped one. Their snouts and muzzles are wider than their counterparts. This characteristic could lead to deer-headed pups with apple-shaped dogs. No matter what type of head they have, Chihuahuas can be loyal and loving companions.

The Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahuas is the rarest of breeds. They are slightly heavier than their normal counterparts, and can have a more or less prominent appearance. Some pear-headed Chihuahuas are also more prone to being overweight than their normal counterparts. Some pear-headed Chihuahua breeders charge extra for their rare dogs. But they may not be as expensive as they look.

To keep a Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahua’s coat clean, it should be groomed every day. Using a steel double-sided comb works well for this. Regular brushing will remove any old hair that has shed during the warmer months. If you don’t have the time to devote to grooming, consider another breed. You can’t afford to spend a lot of time grooming a dog, but if you’re able to give it the time and effort, your pear-shaped head will be well-behaved for years to come.

The Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahua’s muzzle is longer and the top is flatter than that of the Deer-Shaped Chihuahua. It looks more like an apple than a pear. The deer-Shaped Head is not as common as the Pear-Shaped Head. A Deer-Shaped Head Chihuahua may have less genetic problems, but it is not desirable.

A Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahua is not prone to being aggressive, but does require gentle handling. Children should be very careful when handling a Chihuahua. Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahuas are playful dogs who love to snuggle with their owners. If you’re thinking of getting a Pear-Shaped Head Chihuahua, here are a few things you should consider before you purchase one.

Pear Shaped Head Chihuahua
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