Percy Needs Help With PTSD

There are many types of Percy Jackson fanfiction. However, some of them focus on PTSD in a specific way. One story, set in Ancient Rome, deals with Percy’s and Annabeth’s relationship. The author of this fanfiction is a former history teacher, so the idea is both a bit different and works well with the story’s storytelling and politics.

The ancient Greeks were often fatalistic when it came to their notions of destiny and prophecy. Fanfiction based on an AU could be accepted if it stressed the importance of trauma in childhood. For example, a character like Percy who is orphaned and abandoned on the streets at ten years old, might end up being the hero of a Greek tragedy.

A third fanfiction that centers on Percy Jackson is set in the Underworld. He finds himself confronting Hades, a demonic god. Percy, a boy, must face his worst fears during his first battle against Hades. His first task is to locate the legendary sword of Hades, and return it to his homeland. The story also covers Harry’s relationship with Hades.

Percy Jackson fanfiction is usually hilarious and amazing, and it is a great way to express your love for the series. Just like the books, these stories are available in paperback and come with elegant slipcases and ribbon bookmarks. They are worth reading, regardless of their differences in tone, genre, and audience. Give it a shot!

Like the books, FanFic stories are the property the authors. If you plan to distribute them elsewhere, it is not permitted to reproduce the original story without author’s permission. If you feel the need to submit your own FanFic stories, you can do so. These stories are the property of the authors. They may not be copied without their consent.

I am always looking for ways to incorporate these elements in my fanfic writing. Since I was a child, I have been writing fanfiction about Percy Jackson. I’m sure there is one that appeals to you. It is an awesome opportunity to experiment with your imagination! There are so many possibilities! You can even write your own stories based on the characters in the show. There are hundreds of different ways to incorporate them into your story!

Percy Needs Help With PTSD
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