Persona 5 Episode 5 – Kill Kleon Or Help Brasidas

In the game Kassandra and Deimos, you can kill Kleon or help him. Both of these heroes are prone to murder and you can kill them slowly or instantly. You can kill Kleon slowly, and Deimos will be held responsible for his crime. The second option will quickly kill Kleon. Brasidas will not be helped by either of these options. What should you do?


The question is whether Kassandra kills Kleon or helps Brasidas? Both are possible outcomes. Although the story is set in the same universe, each outcome has its own implications. It will be interesting to see which one of these events happens first. This episode features Kassandra and the other characters. We learn a little bit more about these characters.

The plot of the game revolves around the fate of Brasidas and the decision to kill Kleon. The player must convince Brasidas of his worthiness for going to Elysium by helping him kill Kleon. After convincing him of this fact, players must kill Kleon and bring him to Elysium. They must not harm the hero and should avoid accusing him murder.

Kassandra is fictional. She is the daughter of a merchant named Markos. She is raised by her parents in Sparta and is the rival of her older sister Myrrine. In 458 BC, Alexios, her infant brother, is thrown off Mount Taygetos. According to the oracle prophesy, Sparta would fall if the boy was allowed to grow up. Kassandra accidentally pushes against the oracle, and it is crushed. This forces Nikolaos abandon her daughter. Her merchant father raises her sister, who is against her.


In Persona 5, you’ll wake up in the Cult of Kosmos kidnapping. You can have a conversation with Deimos as long as you saved him in the previous quest. If you’re unsure about what to say, choose a topic that’s neither lying nor aggressive. Instead, choose something that will evoke a familial bond.

Once you’ve killed Kleon and destroyed his base, you’ll need to find a way to get Deimos. Although this is a rare quest, it’s worth keeping the information handy in case you feel tempted to kill Kleon. A good place to start is by completing the quest Kleon’s Luk 420. After you have enough LUK, you will be able to purchase the Deimos Shadow Shield at 38,000 meso.

You can also ask the captains for help. Each captain will have a symbol above their heads. Their health will be affected if they are killed. You can then fight Brasidas but you will have to do so secretly. You’ll be spared the punishment if you can kill the captain. Also, if you manage to defeat the cultist, you’ll get an artifact fragment.

There are nine chapters to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. You have six options to reach the end of the chapter. You will get the best ending possible by choosing one of these chapters. There is no wrong choice as long as you are careful. You should make the best decision to ensure the best outcome for your character. The choice between killing the enemy or helping the Family is up to you, but it’s recommended to save Nikolaus and your family for now.

At the Battle of Amphipolis, the game will present you with the final challenge. You’ll have to decide whether you want to help Brasidas or kill Kleon, depending on how Nikolaos’ mission ends. There are two options for fighting Kleon: either rush him or slow him down. Either way, it will give you 31,375 XP.

Kassandra’s cultists

The question is, “Will Kassandra’s cultisters kill Kleon or help Brasidas?” Both scenarios are plausible, but which one is best? We’ll discuss each later on. Let’s first examine Kassandra’s motives. Is she convinced that her cult will succeed? Is she more concerned about gaining approval from her cultists or is she?

After the Spartan Kings decide to help Brasidas they send Kassandra riding toward Amphipolis to assist the kings. She is initially mocked by the soldiers, but the kings soon realize that she is her father’s daughter. The kings offer to help Kassandra to defeat Kleon, but the cultists’ plans are not realized. Brasidas offers to accompany her to Arkadia.

Athenian General: During the Peloponnesian War, Kleon served as an advisor to Perikles and was a Sage of the Cult of Kosmos. After Perikles’ death, he took over the leadership of the city. Kassandra’s cultists help Brasidas, but he asks for mercy.

Kassandra’s cultisters’ plan is to kill Perikles. After Perikles reveals that the Cults plan to kill him Kassandra flees. She reunites on Naxos with her mother and they decide to help Deimos. Meanwhile, Kleon is agitated and in need of a new mother.


After killing the three enemies in the first quest, you are given two options. You have two options. Either you kill the Captains, or you can help Brasidas get rid of them. The first option will keep Brasidas in the Underworld. Brasidas will be sent to the construction side where he will have to fight against Athens. The third option will let you get the artifact fragment once he defeats Athens.

The Battle of Amphipolis can be described as a mission in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It begins with you sailing to Amphipolis and talking to Brasidas. Kleon will eventually confront you, and you must kill him. Throughout the quest, you will engage in close quarter combat, conversation, and infiltration. The final part of the quest involves a battle against Brasidas.

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Persona 5 Episode 5 – Kill Kleon Or Help Brasidas
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