Persona 5 Guide – How to Help Sojiro Level Up

One of the earliest ways to help Sojiro is to brew coffee for him. You can do this at night and on rainy days. Bonus affinity points can be earned if you are a top student. These points range from 1.5x to 1.25x. These bonus points can be combined with other persona bonuses but they do not affect mechanics. You must be at least Level 5 MAX Kindness to help Sojiro.

Sojiro can help you level up in Persona 5. You can also learn how to cook curry. Sojiro can help you unlock basic abilities that are very useful for leveling up. Talking to Sojiro can also earn you SP. So make sure you talk to him whenever you get the chance. Although it may be uncomfortable to talk to him at first, it will allow you to learn more about him.

Choose the best dialogue options to strengthen the bond between you. Some characters will respond to a certain style of communication, and others won’t respond well to a particular method. A strong bond will result in both parties gaining more trust and respect. Whether your character is a newbie or a seasoned veteran, the key to fostering a strong relationship with a confidant is to be sincere and honest in your communication. You can use the help of a Persona 5 guide to improve your relationship with each of the characters.

Sojiro & Futaba are in a dark place at Rank 7. While the two are still friends, the argument about hacking is a little bit more serious. While both characters have good intentions, they are dancing around the issue. Sojiro talks about sending Futaba away, while Futaba talks about feeling like a worthless burden. They have been resolving their differences since August, when they reach each other.

Rank up – Helping Sojiro is an important part of Persona 5. By doing this, you can raise your overall rank. You can also increase the affinity gain of other Personas by leveling up. Persona 5 has two types of people who can help you. Rank Up can be a lifesaver. The first is a Persona, while the second is a Confidant. You can get these from the game.

You can earn more Kindness by doing various tasks. Cleaning Leblanc, for example, can earn you points. Solving crossword puzzles can also earn you points. Shinya can be visited at the Akihabara arcade after your summer vacation. You can also collect extra Kindness by eating a steak you made with love. Listening to customer conversations is a great way to quickly level up. You can also play shogi in Shibuya with Hifumi.

Persona 5 Guide – How to Help Sojiro Level Up
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