Petite Boho Plants

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The bohemian style is all about layers and macramxe9, and the perfect planter to display those items is a petite boho plant. Petite boho plants can fit on any tabletop or windowsill, and will add a touch of bohemian charm to your room. They are a great way to add a little personality to your decor without breaking the bank. They are so adorable, you will likely keep one or two of them as a home decoration.

Succulents make a great addition to a home. They require medium light, but don’t need a lot of it. They can even be planted in a woven basket. Succulents need to be hydrated every day after they dry. A striking pot can give your succulents a unique look. You can also use succulents as accents to your home decor.

When choosing your plant, consider the climate and soil conditions of your room. Plants with low light requirements need high pH, as low pH can cause their leaves to open up. Luckily, most plants are relatively easy to care for, and you can even hang them from a macrame cord. Just make sure to remove all dead leaves after planting to ensure full bloom. They can also be used in low-light areas. You’ll also want to choose a plant that can thrive in poor light, such as bushy ferns.

Petite Boho Plants
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