Philadelphia Eagles Stats – Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

You’ve probably seen plenty of Philadelphia Eagles stats this season. Have you ever taken the time to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the team’s players? You’ll be amazed at their strengths and weaknesses if you do. The Eagles were third in the NFL for total offense last season, scoring an average of 28.6 points per match. And they’ve got three players with at least eight touchdown catches.

RB Boston Scott has 14 career rush touchdowns

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles RB, has 14 career rushing touchdowns. His rushing touchdowns are his most impressive ones. He ran for 60 yards in the Eagles’ win over the Detroit Lions and scored two touchdowns. Boston Scott also caught two passes for another 24 yards. The stats are more important than the run total. Boston Scott has scored at least one touchdown in each of his first two NFL games.

Boston Scott was a sophomore and he made his debut for the Bulldogs in the second half. In the Mississippi State game, Scott rushed for 275 yards. In the R. L. Carrier Bowl, he broke a 100-yard rushing streak against Arkansas State. He also returned kicks for 633 yards, including one for a touchdown. His career stats were also impressive.

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed RB Boston Scott, who was previously a restricted free agent. The contract is worth up $2.25 million and includes $1.1 million guaranteed money. The Eagles are able to save a lot of money with his new deal. Scott’s base salary is $1.1 million, with incentives allowing him to increase that number to $2.25million. In all, RB Boston Scott has 14 rushing touchdowns.

RB Boston Scott had scored 14 career touchdowns as of the end his rookie season. The Eagles signed him after he was waived by the New Orleans Saints on December 11.

WR Michael Pumphrey has yet to make an impact in the NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles hope to sign a versatile runningback to replace Darren Sproles. Pumphrey, who was a small running back in college is expected to take lessons from Darren Sproles. Despite his short stature, Pumphrey has already exceeded expectations during OTAs and the three-day rookie camp. If he plays like he does, the Eagles might be able draft him as the next Darren Sples.

Pumphrey ran into a Means Walker-Nate Gerry wall on the first play. On the next two plays, Pumphrey caught consecutive passes. The Eagles’ defense line was almost completely dominant on the third play. Nate Sudfeld threw a ball over Kamar Aiken’s head. Pumphrey entered the backfield on the next play and was met by Ryan Neal, safety. He has shown more confidence in his career and looks stronger in this camp, even though it is early. He is far from being an instant success and still has a lot to learn before he can make a big impact in the NFL.

Pumphrey was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round. The 5-foot-9 running back was an impressive college player and impressed the Philadelphia Eagles with his speed. After signing him, the Eagles tried changing his play style. However, he has not yet played a single NFL game. While the Eagles are optimistic about Pumphrey’s potential, there are a number of players drafted after him that have had much more success in the NFL.

TE Trey Burton is a big play threat in the passing game

A former Philadelphia Eagle, TE Trey Burton was signed by the Indianapolis Colts on April 22, 2020. The former backup quarterback spent four years with the team and has thrown for more than 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns. His rookie season was memorable for a number of reasons. Burton was the one who caught Nick Foles’ touchdown pass on a trick play and was credited for helping the Eagles win Super Bowl LII.

TE Trey Burton can make big plays when the plays are designed to isolate him and find space. Typically, Burton is a raw route runner, so he struggles to get separation. He also has trouble moving the ball downfield. Burton’s five touchdowns last season were all within ten yards. Although he has the best chance to catch it in traffic, that’s not always an option.

The Eagles offense is loaded with base plays that make him a reliable big play threat. He is a tight end on the outside and can run a variety of curl routes in wide open spaces. His reliable hands are a strong plus and he works hard to get to the quarterback. Burton has been targeted 16 to 19 times for 164 yards in two seasons.

Although the Bears offense didn’t check for Burton downfield, it didn’t help much. Trubisky can run at all times, and the defense was capable of taking away Burton’s opportunities. While Burton scored a few touchdowns last year, his elusiveness in the passing game made defenses take notice and shut him down. Although a young quarterback may not always be trusted with the ball, if he isn’t able to throw it down, the Bears will win.

QB Nick Foles has struggled to find his rhythm in the passing game

Nick Foles struggles under pressure is one of the main reasons he hasn’t found his rhythm in passing this year. Unlike his Pro Bowl campaign, Foles is not a natural pocket passer. He also struggles to process multiple reads. Chip Kelly taught Foles how to be an early-in down passer and make easy throws when given an open window.

Of course, it’s difficult to assess a quarterback’s effectiveness based on one game, but the fact remains that a quarterback has the ability to affect the play of a team based on his abilities. One example of a quarterback’s ability to change direction is a sudden throw. A quarterback that has trouble determining his destination should avoid being thrown into a pass zone.

Foles is a solid quarterback but has struggled to find his rhythm in the passing department the last two seasons. While Carson Wentz has been a solid option, his team has been 4-6 in the NFC East this season and is facing a make-or-break game against Washington on Monday. You might wonder why Doug Pederson doesn’t give Nick Foles a series of games in this situation. The truth is that Foles does not hear what radio talk show hosts think.

A lack of consistency in Foles’ passing game has been a problem throughout his career. Foles has been fired three times this season. He’s had some good games but has struggled to find a rhythm in his passing game. But his lackluster play this year hasn’t affected his confidence. Despite the poor results in the previous two games, it may actually be improving his overall performance.

OT Elliott’s 46-yard field goal gave Eagles a 41-33 lead

OT Elliott’s 47-yard field kick in the fourth quarter gave Eagles a lead of 41 to 33. His performance was critical to the team’s win. Elliott is a great kicker, and is just entering his prime. He is reliable, has a big leg when needed, and he always steps up when the Eagles need him. Elliott is no stranger to walk-off field goals. He made one at Lincoln Financial Field in 2017 to beat the Giants and ignited a nine-game winning streak.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl thanks to Elliott’s field goal attempt. He made two field-goals from 41 yards and one from 48 yards. It was the longest field-goal by a rookie in Super Bowl history and was the game’s deciding play. With just five seconds left, Elliott’s 46-yard field goal gave the Eagles a lead of 41 yards.

The Eagles’ defense held the Patriots to only two field-goal attempts in the game, and it was their defense that won the game. The Eagles were a 4.5 point underdog in the Super Bowl. However, they won with the same score. The Eagles had never beaten the Patriots in the Super Bowl and had never lost to them in this game.

OT Elliott’s 46-yard field-goal made it 31-33 Eagles with 2:21 remaining. Despite the Eagles’ 41-33 lead, the Patriots didn’t score in the first quarter before Elliott’s 46-yard field-goal. The Patriots had no timeouts and had no way to come back from a two-point deficit. With the extra point, the Patriots would have had to kick a field goal from the Eagles’ 25-yard line.

Philadelphia Eagles Stats – Who’s Hot and Who’s Not
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