Pizza Hut Car Topper

Installing a pizza hut car topper on your car is a great way to show you love pizza. This promotional sign is made of high quality PP and features four sides of text and images. This sign is easier to clean than other advertising signs and does not require installation. It also has a built-in LED light for night time. And, you can also order a set of 6 magnets to really stand out.

The Black Car Topper is made from durable black coroplast plastic. It can fit seven windshield numbers. It can be displayed on any vehicle’s roof and measures approximately 10H x 24W. Two rubber-coated magnets hold the Pizza Hut Car Topper in place. The stickers included in the toppers can be purchased separately. The stickers also come with a slogan sticker. While ordering a pizza hut car topper, be sure to check if it comes with the number stickers.

You can also purchase additional stickers to add your favorite pizza toppings to the top of your car. For example, you can buy a Pizza Hut rooftop car topper with your favorite toppings. This topper can be attached to any vehicle’s roof. These stickers come with adhesive strips to add pizza toppings to the front. A pizza hut car topper comes with a vinyl sticker that reads “Pizza Hut” or “I Love Pizza!”

The black pizza hut car topper is a sturdy coroplast construction designed to hold the seven windshield numbers. They measure 10Hx24W and are held in place by two rubber-coated magnets. The number stickers are sold separately, but a pizza hut roof topper will be an excellent addition to your vehicle. So, get a pizza hut car topper for your car! They make great gifts for car lovers of all types!

This pizza hut car topper is made from black coroplast plastic and has adhesive strips for seven windshield numbers. It can fit on any vehicle’s roof. It measures 10H x 24W and is attached to the roof with two magnets. If you’d like to add a pizza hut slogan, you can purchase a separate sticker. These will look great on your car and make you feel proud of your car’s unique style.

Pizza hut car topper. A pizza topper will make your car stand out from the rest. It’ll let people know that you’re a pizza lover. It will make everyone look at your car, and you’ll get lots of compliments. It’s a great way to show your pizza-loving side. Just make sure that it is painted on the roof of your vehicle. It’s the perfect accessory for any car.

A pizza hut car topper is a great way to show that you love pizza. These stickers are suitable for both children and adults. They are made of durable black coroplast plastic and are suitable for any vehicle. A pizza hut car topper measures 10H x 24W and has two magnets to hold it securely on the roof. You can also buy the slogan stickers separately to display on your car’s roof.

These pizza topping cars are made from durable coroplast plastic. They can be easily attached to your car’s roof. They are designed to fit any size vehicle. They are 10H x 24W and hold in place with two rubber coated magnets. The number stickers are sold separately and must be ordered with the topper. You will need to purchase the number stickers separately if you’re buying them separately. If you want to customize your toppers, you’ll need to buy the slogan stickers separately.

The black coroplast pizza topping is the perfect accessory to any car owner. It has seven numbers and measures about 10H x 24W. They are held together by two magnets. They measure 10Hx24W. These pizza topper is an excellent way to show off your pizza passion on your vehicle. This unique decoration makes your car stand out from the rest. If you’re a fan of the restaurant, you’ll be proud to show off your new pizza topper on your car.

Pizza Hut Car Topper
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