10 Ingenious Ideas for Using Plus Plus Blocks

10 Ingenious Ideas for Using Plus Plus Blocks

Hello to all the inventive minds out there! Whether you’re a child looking for a new creative outlet or an adult in need of a fun way to unwind, Plus Plus Blocks might just be the answer you’re seeking. Not only do these little building blocks offer an infinite canvas for your imagination, but they also come with a host of benefits—think boosting creativity, enhancing fine motor skills, and even improving problem-solving abilities. So what’s in store for you in this blog post? Get ready to explore 10 inventive ideas that will help you get the most out of your Plus Plus Blocks set!

1. Why Plus Plus Blocks?

First off, let’s explore what makes Plus Plus Blocks so special in a world filled with numerous building toys and kits. If you’re wondering how these blocks can benefit your child’s development, you might be interested in this study from Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child that discusses the importance of interactive play.

  • Distinct Shape: Unlike traditional cubes or rectangles, Plus Plus Blocks are shaped like a “+” sign, allowing for a wider range of building options.
  • Easy Interlocking: Thanks to this unique shape, the blocks interlock easily, enabling you to create both 2D and 3D designs.
  • Colorful Variety: Want to make a rainbow or perhaps a colorful cityscape? With a wide range of hues available, your designs can be as vibrant as you like. Here’s a color theory guide to help you pick the perfect palette.
  • Compact and Travel-friendly: Small enough to fit in a pocket, these blocks are great for creative fun on the go.

2. Basic Building Techniques

Before you embark on more complex projects, let’s get familiar with some basic building techniques. This table should give you an idea of where to start:

Technique Difficulty Level Estimated Time
Simple Stacking Beginner Less than 1 min
Basic Interlocking Intermediate 2-5 mins
Forming Circles Advanced 5-10 mins

3. Creating 2D Artwork

Creating 2D Artwork plus block
Photo credit The Artful Parent

The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting 2D artwork with Plus Plus Blocks. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Example 1: Mosaic Patterns

  1. Pick Your Design: Start with a simple pattern like a flower or a sun.
  2. Outline First: Use one color to outline the shape on a flat surface.
  3. Fill in the Colors: Complete your design by filling in the pattern with various colors.
  4. Lock it In: Make sure all the pieces are securely interlocked.

Example 2: Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Design First: Sketch your puzzle design on paper.
  2. Outline: Use Plus Plus Blocks to build the outer border of each puzzle piece.
  3. Fill in the Details: Create the inner part of the puzzle piece using different colors or patterns.
  4. Play: Once you’ve created all the puzzle pieces, mix them up and challenge a friend to put it back together.

4. 3D Structures: From Simple to Complex

Transitioning from 2D to 3D creations with Plus Plus Blocks opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. While flat designs are great for honing basic skills, 3D structures can truly test your creative limits.

Easy: Miniature House

  1. Lay the Foundation: Start with a simple square base to build upon.
  2. Build the Walls: Add layers to your base to form the walls.
  3. Add a Roof: Use triangular formations to create a roof.
  4. Final Touches: Feel free to add windows, doors, or even a garden!

Intermediate: Animal Sculptures

  1. Pick an Animal: Choose an animal you’d like to build. A dog, cat, or bird is a good starting point.
  2. Start with the Body: Build the core structure first before adding appendages.
  3. Details Matter: Don’t forget to add smaller details like eyes, ears, or feathers.

Advanced: Geometric Shapes

  1. Choose Your Shape: Pick a complex geometric shape like a pyramid or a dodecahedron.
  2. Follow a Guide: Due to the complexity, it might be helpful to follow an online guide or tutorial.
  3. Patience is Key: These designs take time. Work methodically and take breaks if needed.

5. Interactive Games and Challenges

Interactive Games plus block
Photo credit Google Play

Plus Plus Blocks aren’t just for solitary play. They can be an excellent tool for interactive games and challenges that involve family and friends.

Game 1: Plus Plus Tower

  • Objective: Build the tallest tower possible within a set time limit.
  • How to Play: Each player takes turns adding a block to the tower. The person who makes the tower fall loses.

Game 2: Speed Building

  • Objective: Complete a predetermined structure as fast as possible.
  • How to Play: One player calls out a simple object to build. The first one to complete it wins.

6. Educational Value

You might be having so much fun with Plus Plus Blocks that you don’t realize you’re learning! Here’s a quick rundown of the skills you’re building:

  • Fine Motor Skills: The act of connecting and disconnecting the blocks is great for developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Spatial Awareness: Understanding how the blocks fit together in a 3D space is excellent for enhancing spatial skills.
  • Problem-solving: Whether you’re following a complex guide or figuring out your design, you’re constantly solving problems.
  • Teamwork: Playing interactive games with others fosters communication and collaboration skills.

7. Adults Can Play Too!

If you thought Plus Plus Blocks were just for the little ones, think again! These versatile building blocks are a fantastic creative outlet for adults as well. Here’s why:

  • Stress Relief: Focusing on a small, manageable project can provide a much-needed break from adult responsibilities.
  • Advanced Projects: Adults can tackle more intricate designs that require a higher level of patience and skill.

Adult Project Ideas

  1. Architectural Models: Try building a model of your dream home or a famous building.
  2. Abstract Art: Let your imagination run wild and create a piece of abstract art to display.
  3. Functional Items: How about building a pencil holder or a photo frame out of Plus Plus Blocks? Functional and aesthetic!

8. Conclusion

So, why should you consider diving into the world of Plus Plus Blocks? Let’s quickly recap:

  • Versatility: The ‘+’ shape allows for an unparalleled range of building options, from 2D patterns to intricate 3D structures.
  • Skill Development: From boosting fine motor skills and spatial awareness to fostering problem-solving abilities, these blocks are as educational as they are fun.
  • A Creative Outlet for All Ages: Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Plus Plus Blocks offer endless opportunities for creative expression.

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10 Ingenious Ideas for Using Plus Plus Blocks
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