Police Are Investigating a Shooting in Trenton New Jersey

The police are investigating a shooting in Trenton, New Jersey. The shooting happened on Sunday night on state street. At least four people were hurt. The suspect is unknown at this time. A 13-year old boy was one of the victims. His condition is stable. Police have seized several weapons, including a handgun with an extended magazine, which holds more ammunition than is legally allowed in New Jersey.

Although the suspect remains at large, no arrests have been made in connection with the fatal shooting. Police are investigating the case and are asking neighborhood residents for information. This is the 22nd homicide that Trenton has seen this year. A 19-year-old woman is in critical condition, a 17-year-old boy sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, and a fourth victim suffered injuries from metal and glass fragments.

Police and the state are trying to figure out who is responsible for the shooting. While there are no specific suspects, the shooting is a clear sign that someone has a motive. The suspect is suspected of being a juvenile, and his identity will be revealed in due course. This suspect is charged with a variety of crimes, including attempted murder, first-degree murder, and felony killing. He will be held at Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center.

Residents of Trenton, New Jersey are angry at the shooting. Police released video of the officer’s body camera. The victim was identified as a 35-year-old city man named Rasheed Barlow. The victim was shot in the leg, but he later died.

A triple shooting occurred in Trenton early Sunday morning. Two victims were declared dead on the spot. A third victim was taken to hospital and is listed in critical condition. Police believe that the shooting was a targeted attack. The motive for the shooting is still unknown. The shooter is still unknown, but police are looking for him.

The headquarters of the Trenton Police Department is less than a mile from the scene. No one has been arrested so far. The investigation is ongoing and more details will be made available as they become available. Please visit our site for the latest information. We are honored to inform you about any changes in the situation.

The city has also made important improvements to Trenton. The city’s recreation spending has increased from $300,000.00 in 2017 to more that $2 million in 2018. A new high school worth $150 million will be opening in the fall. There are also plans underway to tear down abandoned homes and clean up neglected neighborhoods. To lift Trenton, however, a number of national investments will be required. It is not enough to increase law enforcement spending.

Police Are Investigating a Shooting in Trenton New Jersey
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