Powerful Nurse Lines That Help the Reader Understand the Nurse’s Role in Society

Nurse is able to say anything before Juliet and her mother in this scene. The lines reveal that the nurse loves Juliet, and the nurse’s comments provide insight into their relationship. The reader will appreciate this revealing detail. The nurse also talks about the possibility of Juliet marrying a stranger in a way that shows how much she cares for Juliet.

A strong nurse shares her values with others. The values and principles she holds dear foster compassion and make her approach others with a more open mind. These principles allow her to share her view with others and for people to seek her perspective. She also avoids coercive power, and is thus capable of creating a caring, respectful, and productive workplace. These lines will help you understand the role of the nurse in society.

Here are some examples of nurse responses that can be used in the same situation. The original response suggests negativity. The suggested response is open-minded and responsive to the patient’s concerns. This example illustrates the value of listening carefully and responding appropriately. The nurses’ responses should focus on the patient’s needs and concerns rather than merely addressing the symptoms. Patients will feel heard and satisfied with the results if this is done.

Being yourself is an important quality to foster a good relationship between a nurse and her patient. The nurses should be genuine, but this should not be confused with being too sarcastic. Sarcasm will detract from the patient-nurse relationship. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines genuine as “actual”, sincere, or free of dishonesty.”

In the US, nurses’ work isn’t valued as highly as doctors’. The health care system, which is based on a fee-for-service model, lumps nurses’ work in with other hospital services and pays them flat, per-discharge fees. Nurses are often paid very little or no compensation for their labor. In addition, nurses don’t receive the same pay as doctors, despite their vital roles in treating patients.

Powerful Nurse Lines That Help the Reader Understand the Nurse’s Role in Society
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