Pro-Tuff Decals Coaches Helper Magnetic Digout Board

pro tuff decals coaches helper magnetic digout board 39159

A great way to keep everyone in the dugout in sync is with a Pro-Tuff Decals magnetic dugout board. This handy tool can be placed in a small space, and it has 30 replacement name strips. The magnetic board measures 14″ tall by 12″ wide. The Pro-Tuff Decals magnetic dugout board comes with an easy-to-remove magnetic backing and includes pre-drilled holes for line-ups.

This magnetic board is available in multiple colors and comes with seven metal fence hooks for holding the team’s uniforms. You can even take it to tournaments with you. Another great feature of this magnetic dugout board is that it folds down into a convenient carrying case, making it easy to carry. And if you are traveling with your team, it will also fit in your luggage!

Pro-Tuff Decals Coaches Helper Magnetic Digout Board
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