PSO2 New Genesis Hunter Build Guide

Hunters are one the most powerful tank classes in PSO2 New Genesis. Their high HP makes them very hard to kill and their various abilities help strengthen their defenses. They also have War Cry, a useful Class Skill that reduces damage by up to 70%. This class is a great choice for newcomers due to their versatility.

Phantasy Online 2 New Genesis has six classes. Understanding each class will help you make the most out of your character’s strengths. Hunters are generally considered to be a tank class, and they are a good choice in this role due to their high durability and melee attack.

The PSO2 New Genesis’s basic game system is quite different from its predecessor. There are many new features, including improved graphics. Players can still choose from the DPS, tank, and heal classes. Regardless of which class you choose, experience is always better than pure stats.

New Genesis has made it easier to move from one point to the next. Some players will still use their skills to close the gap. This will save Photon points and make the game more enjoyable. New Genesis has a new weapon camo system that allows players to choose a different camo each weapon. This removes the need to switch camos every time you switch classes.

A good hunter will have a wide range of photon arts. However, only three are necessary for a respectable DPS. Calibur Streak is one of the most powerful sword photon arts. The other one is Twisting Zapper, a spiraling attack that can close the gap on enemies.

While Phantasy Star Online 2 is not a sequel to the original, the new game features a new world with more content. The graphics engine has been completely redesigned and the character models are more detailed. The game’s immersive weather effects and large numbers of non-aggressive species are just a few of the improvements in the new game.

The combat system in the game is responsive and smooth. New Genesis makes it easier to estimate the length of boss fights. New Genesis also features more realistic debuffs. This means that enemies will react to the negative status effects that you give them. It is important to understand how to choose the right skills for your particular role.

PSO2 New Genesis Hunter Build Guide
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