Puma Robinson Net Worth – How Rich is This Tattoo Artist?

Puma Robinson, a well-known American TV personality and tattoo artist, is well-known. He is known for his role in VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” reality show, where he acted as the public relations manager of the tattoo parlor. His net worth will rise to over $150 thousand by the time he’s thirty. The tattoo artist is married to Quani Robinson, a member of the VH1 recurring cast. He is currently the owner of Art2Ink tattoo studio.

Puma’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000, according to sources. Robinson was born in New York City on February 13, 1982. His real name is Paul Robinson. His net worth is estimated at $150,000 and he used to work as a Public Relations manager at Art 2 Ink tattoo studio. He is also close to Shaquanna Robinson, a tattoo artist. To find out more about his net worth, keep reading!

According to sources, Puma Robinson has an estimated net worth of around $150,000 as of 2022. Sources who weren’t involved in the show estimate this amount. Puma makes a lot of money through his tattoo business and his appearances on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew.”

Puma was married to Quani Robinson (a regular cast member of Black Ink Crew). The couple has appeared on Season 13 of the show’s popular reality TV show, “Marriage Boot Camp.” He later revealed that he and Quani didn’t communicate well before the program. They share Tamiya, a daughter they named after a friend who died.

After his fight with Sizer on “The Bachelor,” Puma left the show and opened his own tattoo parlor. After two years, he took a break from the show, but he later returned to the show. He became a competitor rather than a supporting character. So, Puma Robinson net worth is a lot higher than you might think. There are several reasons why the tattoo artist is so rich:

Puma also serves as the public relations executive for Black Ink, a popular tattoo parlor in Harlem, New York. He also serves as a star in the VH1 reality show, “Black Ink Crew.” This series follows Black Ink’s owner and his crew. Puma’s net worth is estimated at $7 million. It’s hard to estimate the exact amount of Puma’s salary but the teen is known to have a very busy social life and spends most of his time with friends.

The rapper’s net worth has increased significantly since he first appeared on the show. He is still close to the Black Ink Crew gangsters, but he has become an internationally renowned tattoo artist. Puma is the Black Ink Crew’s public relations manager. Cesar Emanuel, his childhood friend, owns the tattoo shop. Puma returned to the show after the show’s eighth season reunited them.

Puma Robinson Net Worth – How Rich is This Tattoo Artist?
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