Queen of Dragons Delivery in Chico

If you’re in the market for marijuana delivery in Chico, you can find it at Queen of Dragons. The dispensary is a legal marijuana business in the state of California, but there are certain things to be aware of before you place your order. Queen of Dragons employees are trained to check customer IDs to make sure they’re over 21 years of age. Some dispensaries might not be as trustworthy as others, despite this.

Queen of Dragons does not sell unpackaged marijuana products. This will prevent you from being surprised. Although the dispensary is a licensed California retailer, it does not sell unpackaged marijuana products. Even dispensaries with retail licenses won’t handle marijuana concentrates or raw marijuana flowers. They also won’t package them. Instead, they will leave with a child resistant package. The same applies to immature marijuana plants, as they’ll be packaged in child-resistant packages.

The delivery receipt from Queen of Dragons will include all items listed in the regulations set by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. It will also contain itemized local and state taxes. Queen of Dragons employees will deliver your order in an enclosed vehicle with a GPS device. It will also contain the name of the dispensary’s employee who prepared it. It is important to remember that Queen of Dragons employees have government-issued ID and will not transport your purchase without your permission.

Queen of Dragons Delivery in Chico
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