Queen Pen Net Worth

Queen Pen is a rap artist hailing from Not Known. Her net worth is estimated at around 2020 dollars. She gained fame after releasing her controversial single “Girlfriend.” The single tackled taboo lesbian themes. While Queen Pen kept mum about her sexuality during the song’s release, she said she would only reveal it if it made the front page of the newspaper. She finally broke her silence in 2001 and revealed her identity to all of the world.

Queen Pen was born Lynise Walters in 1972. She began her career in the music industry as the protege of Teddy Riley, a member of the R&B group BLACKstreet. After gaining the attention of many critics and fans, Walters began recording her own music. Her first hit single, “Girlfriend,” reached number three on the Billboard charts. Upon releasing her solo album, she collaborated with fellow R&B artist Teddy Riley.

As of 2019, Queen Pen’s net worth was unknown. She was born in Brooklyn, U.S.A, January 1, 1972. Her horoscope sign is Capricorn. Her Chinese zodiac sign, however, is the Rat. Despite her high net worth, it remains an enigma exactly how she made it. Fortunately, she enjoys her career and her following is enormous. But how did Queen Pen make her fortune?

Queen Pen Net Worth
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