Rae Dunn Dog Treat Jar

rae dunn dog treat jar 43499

Rae Dunn treats jars are great for dogs who love to chew bones and other bits of food. The Rae Dunn canister measures nine by six inches and is filled with treats. Rae Dunn treat jars for dogs are adorable and can be used to teach your dog how to recognize treats. It is easy to fill this ceramic jar with your pup’s favorite snacks.

Whether your pup likes to eat his treats out of a treat jar or just enjoys the company of humans, Rae Dunn ceramic pet bowls will make a great addition to your home. They are made from eco-friendly materials and will last a long time. You can purchase these jars from Magenta for your dog, a pet-friendly home accessory, or even a cute present for your favorite furry friend.

Rae Dunn Dog Treat Jar
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