Raheem’s Facebook Page

The Justice Department announced that it would be tracking the use of force by police across the country, and Raheem is one way to collect this data. The Facebook Messenger chatbot is currently in beta testing and is intended to collect reports on interactions with police officers. It can also help police officers prevent unnecessary violence by collecting statistics on how often police use force on individuals. These are some of the most striking facts about Raheem’s impact.

Rumours and doubts surround Raheem White’s Facebook page. The black jacket, black pants, orange toque, and black backpack that the missing man was last seen in were worn Dec. 1. Rosemarie Coward, his mother, has tried multiple times to get updates from the police. Despite delays, she was able to obtain updates. One missing persons advocate, Maureen Trask, says she has contacted the Toronto police “right away” after hearing about Raheem’s disappearance. She said she had 26 questions that were still unanswered. “I don’t know if they’re doing any, but I’m just waiting to get an answer.”

Raheem longs to join one of the most prestigious clubs Europe. Though he has yet to accept any club offer, he has received a lot of interest from English clubs. While he may not be interested in joining Arsenal or Tottenham, he has been linked with them. If he does join a top team, he will be the best player in the world.

Raheem’s Facebook Page
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