Ralf Schmitz fortune

Ralf Schmitz is a German comedian and actor. How rich is Ralf Schmitz?

Comedian. Born on November 3, 1974 in Leverkusen, Germany. Ralf Schmitz fortune is estimated at around 1.4 million euros. Before he appeared as a comedian, he learned professional ballet dance. He works as an actor on German television.

Full name: Ralf Maria Schmitz
Ralf Schmitz size: 1.68 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2003
Training: District Administrator Lucas High School

What is Ralf Schmitz’s net worth?
Ralf Schmitz’s assets are currently € 1.4 million.

Ralf Schmitz Films and TV shows: The bold three – now even bolder, Schillerstrasse, 7 dwarfs – men alone in the forest.
Does he play alongside: Mirja Boes, Martin Schneider, Bernhard Hoëcker, Otto Waalkes.

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Ralf Schmitz fortune

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