Ralph Dommermuth fortune

Ralph Dommermuth is a German businessman, founder, chairman and CEO of United Internet. Dommermuth is Germany’s only internet billionaire and the country’s youngest self-made billionaire. How rich is Ralph Dommermuth?

Entrepreneur. Born on November 19, 1983 in Dernbach, Germany. Ralph Dommermuth fortune is estimated at around 4.5 billion euros. After initial training at Deutsche Bank, he began working as a freelancer in sales at a local PC dealer in his hometown of Montabaur in 1983. In 1988 he founded 1 & 1 EDV Marketing GmbH together with a business partner. After the first successes as a marketing service provider, Dommermuth converted 1 & 1 into an internet service provider in 1996.

Bourgeois name: Ralph Dommermuth
Spouse: Judith Berger
Ralph Dommermuth Size: 1.85 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1983

What is the net worth of Ralph Dommermuth?
Ralph Dommermuth’s assets are currently € 4.5 billion.

Established organization: 1 & 1 IONOS
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Ralph Dommermuth fortune

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