Ramadan Calendar – Iftar and Sehr Time Today in New York

To be able to follow religious rituals, New York’s Muslim population must know the Iftar and Veryi times for Ramadan. By checking the Ramadan calendar in New York, Muslims can stay up-to-date about the number of fasting hours throughout the month. The calendar also shows the direction of Qibla.

New York Muslims celebrate Ramadan by offering Taraweeh prayers in both mosques and their homes. Moreover, the Muslim community helps the poor and other Muslims during this month, which exemplifies the true spirit of Ramadan. Some people host Iftar parties to make Ramadan more memorable. This is where they meet with other Muslims and share a meal. Others organize Iftar drives to support the less fortunate.

The iftar and dhuhr time in New York is different than the time in other parts of the world. The iftar time is at 05:15 AM in the morning, while the dhuhr time is at 07:14 PM. It is not uncommon to see Muslims gathered in Times Square at the opening of Ramadan.

The Sehr and Iftar times in New York can be calculated using the Fiqa Jafria calendar. These calendars can be downloaded for free from the internet. These calendars will help you understand Ramadan’s fasting times throughout each month. They will also show you the New York Iftar time and dhuhr times.

Ramadan will begin on Saturday, 2 April 2022 and end on Sunday 1 May 2022. The Fajr and Maghrib azan will be at 05:21 and 19.22, respectively. Ramadan’s first day will last 14 hours, while the last day will take 15 hours.

Ramadan Calendar – Iftar and Sehr Time Today in New York
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