Randy Gregory Salary – Is Randy Gregory Really Worth $3.5 Million?

Did you know that Randy Gregory’s salary is reportedly around $3.5 million? This is a big deal. But, can you really find out the true value of his services? Let’s take a closer look. Gregory has been a standout Cowboys player for almost three years. Gregory was a standout player for the Cowboys for nearly three years. But, he was suspended last year due to disciplinary problems, which led to him losing three games.

A recent report indicates that Randy Gregory had been planning to sign a five-year deal with the Cowboys worth up to $70 million. However, his original deal had some terms that he was unhappy with. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Randy Gregory was expecting to receive at least $28 million guaranteed in the new contract. However, the contract language has since changed and Gregory is expected to earn about the same amount.

Multiple sources claim that Randy Gregory signed a contract extension on April 2, 2019, with the Dallas Cowboys. However, he was subsequently suspended after testing positive for marijuana in his NFL Scouting Combine. Gregory was a talented player but his future was ruined by the suspension. In March 2020, he filed for reinstatement, but didn’t sign the deal until September. After his one-year suspension, he was conditionally reinstated and activated from the roster exemption on September 7. The Dallas Cowboys announced Randy Gregory’s return to the team on October 20, 2020. After being suspended for three games he returned to the field in Week 7 against the Washington Football Team. He was back on the field in Week 7 against Alex Smith, and recorded his first ever multi-sack game.

The Denver Broncos have signed Randy Gregory, an outside linebacker, to a five year, $70 million contract. The contract contains $28 million in guaranteed salary, $10 million in signing bonus, and a potential out after the third year of the league year. In addition to the guaranteed money, Gregory will also receive million-dollar bonuses. Additional $28 million will be earned if he is on the roster the third day of the 2025 or 2026 league years.

The Cowboys were keen on keeping Gregory, but their first offer included a big gap between the two sides. They tried to close the gap, signing safety Malik Hooker to compensate. But even though the Cowboys were primarily responsible for the initial agreement, Jones was furious when he discovered that the Cowboys’ front office had inserted a clause he didn’t know about into his contract.

Gregory was projected to be a high-first-round pick in 2015, but he has only made it to the NFL after two suspensions. His suspension ended in September 2017, and the Cowboys were loyal to him. His salary in April 2019 is $10.5 million lower than his rookie-year salary. If he makes $1.5 million a year, he’ll have more than doubled his previous salary.

Randy Gregory Salary – Is Randy Gregory Really Worth $3.5 Million?
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