Rangel Eye Care, Ltd., Offers Optometry Services

The practice of optometry is an independent primary health care provider that examines eye diseases and disorders. They can diagnose and treat systemic conditions. John A. Rangel graduated in 1993 from the University Of Missouri School Of Optometry. This medical group can be reached via their phone number and mailing address. Visit their website for more information. To make an appointment, call them at (773) 829-4444.

Rangel Eye Care, an optometry clinic in Chicago, IL is located. They offer comprehensive eye examinations, glasses and frames, and vision correction alternatives. They also provide contact lenses for astigmatism and other conditions, as well as multifocal and colored lenses. The practice offers many options for contact lenses from CooperVision and Bausch + Lomb. You can even pay online! It is the perfect last-minute gift because you can print it yourself and it is easy to purchase online.

Rangel Eye Care, Ltd. has been providing optometry services in the area for over 50 years. Their healthcare providers are experts in vision therapy, low vision care, refractive errors, and low vision care. They also perform eye exams to detect eye diseases and vision problems and prescribe corrective lenses for each patient. In addition to vision exams, Rangel Eye Care, Ltd., provides services for conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease.

Rangel Eye Care, Ltd. is known for its high quality vision care. They provide comprehensive exams, eyeglasses and frames, vision correction lenses, and vision therapy to their patients. Optometry services include frames and eyeglasses, as well as other services. They offer complete contact lenses, glasses, and eye exams. These providers are licensed by Illinois to write prescriptions for all types.

The doctor at Rangel Eye Care, Ltd. provides a full range of vision care services for people in the Chicago area. They offer comprehensive eye examinations, eyeglasses and frames, and vision correction alternatives. They also offer contacts for astigmatism and multifocal lenses. Their lens providers are trained in the latest technology. They will prescribe the best contact lenses for your needs. They also provide specialized training for children and adults with visual impairments.

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Rangil Eyecare, Ltd. provides a wide range of vision care services to patients. From routine eye exams to vision correction, optometrists can provide a full spectrum of services. A complete range of lens options is offered, including monthly, multifocal, and colored contacts. Besides optometrist services, the rangel eye care, ltd., will provide you with exceptional patient care.

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The doctors at Rangel Eyecare, Ltd. are qualified to treat patients suffering from vision problems. Vision therapy, eyeglasses and other services are available. They also provide services for patients with astigmatism, as well as contact lenses and other vision correction options. You can rest assured that your eyes will be in good hands as the clinic stocks frames and lenses from top manufacturers like Bausch and CooperVision. And it doesn’t matter what kind of vision correction solution you need for your loved ones.

Rangel Eye Care, Ltd., Offers Optometry Services
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