Raptors Roster 2008

If you’re a Toronto Raptors fan, then you probably have wondered what the Raptors roster would look like in 2008. There is a lot of talk in the media about the team’s young core, but it’s difficult to pin down exactly who should be on the team. The Raptors are a young team that can fill in for a variety of positions. Here’s a look into the team’s 2008 starting lineup.

Throughout the season, the Raptors made roster changes. Some players were traded while others were cut. Chris Bosh was traded to the Boston Celtics, but the team was not quite ready for a new face. Bosh’s injury ended the Raptors’ season and their progress. By the All-Star break, they were six games above.500. Unfortunately, the injury occurred at just the wrong time. Toronto finished the season with a record 31 and was the fifth seed of the Eastern Conference. It was not enough to catch Chicago Bulls in East Finals. They lost their final game of season.

As the media scrutiny of the Raptors increased, the team brought in former Purdue coach Gene Keady to help develop the young team. He helped to establish the team’s defensive personality and improved its record. Many notable players were part of the Raptors roster. In 2007, the Raptors traded for Chris Bosh and signed Jeremy Lin, but the team was still missing some key pieces of the puzzle. These players were crucial to the Raptors’ success, and they helped to improve the team over the years.

The team made a big deal with the NBA in the offseason. They traded Nathan Jawai for Jermaine Olson, a six-time All Star, and signed Jamal Sampson, Will Solomon, Jamal Sampson, and Hassan Adams. They also traded their rookie point guard Roko Ukic to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Raptors also lost Carlos Delfino and Primoz Brezec to free agency.

Until 2001, when the Grizzlies moved from Memphis, Tennessee to Toronto, Toronto was the only Canadian NBA team. Jimmy Carter, Alvin Williams, and Jerome Williams signed long-term contracts with the Raptors, which made the team one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. In addition to Vince Carter and Alvin Williams, the Raptors signed Antonio Davis, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Hakeem Olajuwon to multi-year deals.

The Toronto Raptors began the season 6-0 and broke the franchise’s record for best start through 20 games. They also broke their own record for fastest time to reach 20 victories. The Raptors lost in double overtime to Washington Wizards, and they did not make the playoffs. The 2008-09 season was a disappointment with a record of 34-48. It’s important to remember that the team was a young team and their roster was not the most mature, but they did have a lot of talent.

Raptors Roster 2008
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