Red Boy Jocko Bloodline History

If you want to have the best of the best in breeding and show dogs, consider the redboy jocko bloodline. This mix of bloodlines is considered to be one of the most superior breedings of our time. Bolio and Redboy Jocko are considered to be stud dogs, but they are also sired by outstanding producers. See the puppies, breeding, and stud tabs for more information.

The foundation of the Red Boy line was Bass’ Tramp Red Boy. This dog was the first to win a match and produce the modern day Dibo. It was then bred to Teal’s Sarge. The combination of the two dogs produced a number of champions, including windy City Combine’s Deacon and dead game Champion Radar Man. Among the dogs that came from this line is Bailey’s Bingo, a great producer, and one of the best-bred Red Boy dog of all time.

The first dog in the Red Boy bloodline was Bailey’s Bingo. She was bred to a pure Colby female, Marlowe’s Fanny. These two dogs combined to produce a champion, Miller’s Champion Cobra. This champion produced Julius’ Champion Mason, who won three races in under ten minutes. The bloodline is now considered one of the best in the world.

Another redboy jocko bloodline came from the legendary Bailey’s Champion Jeep. This dog was bred to Marlowe’s Fanny, who was a pure Colby dam. This breeding produced a champion named Miller’s Champion Cobra. This dog was so good, in fact, that he won his first race in 17 minutes. His subsequent wins included a fifty-two-pound stakes. His last race was won by Julius’ Champion Mason in ten minutes flat.

Red Boy’s bloodline has produced many champions, but he is still a favorite in the ring. He was the first Red Boy to win a match in 1:27. His dam, Bailey’s Fanny, bred to Crenshaw’s Miss Jocko, is the most famous of all Red Boy jocko bloodlines. A few other notable dogs in this bloodline have achieved the same honor.

The Red Boy bloodline is a popular choice for sporthounds. The Red Boy bloodline has been bred since the late 1800s and is still very popular today. The breed was originally bred by Earl Tudor and Maurice Carver and has a long and impressive history. This bloodline influenced the American Pit Bull Terrier. Various individuals contributed to the preservation of the line. Katie Marlowe, Fletcher Chavis, and Frank Jacobs were some of the breeders who contributed to the Red Boy line.

The Red Boy was bred from a litter of two dogs that were owned by the legendary Earl Tudor. This stud dog is known for his winning temperament and was the dam of the famous Bailey’s Bingo. She also produced several other great studs from this bloodline. In addition to being the main dog of the line, she also influenced the American Pit Bull Terrier. This bloodline is still very popular today.

The Red Boy’s bloodline has had some incredible successes. Yellow’s first litter produced three champions, including the famous Champion Gambler. A second grand-champion from the same litter, named “Yellow,” is the stud dog that is currently the best of all time. However, the Red Boy bloodline is not a one-dog breed. They are all a part of the bloodline’s history.

The Red Boy dog was bred by Earl Tudor. Its descendants include the Dibo and the Red Boy. The bloodline has many notable dogs, but none have achieved the legendary status of the Red Boy. Among these dogs is Bailey’s Bingo. This dog was the first Redboy to win the champion Gator. Interestingly, the dog was also the first to have the highest number of puppies with a Patrick bloodline.

The bloodline history of Red Boy shows a long line of proven dogs. His first champion was Jeff. He was a half-brother of two other dogs, Tramp Red Boy. They were bred to a variety of bloodlines. The Redboy strain is a game dog, and it is also one of the best. All his offspring are proven, and he was a great sporting dog.

Red Boy Jocko Bloodline History
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