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Ren Seeks Help is the second episode of the Adult Party Cartoon series, which aired on Spike on July 3, 2003. In the episode, Ren is upset about an incident where he accidentally hurt Stimpy, so he seeks help from a therapist named Mr. Horse. He tells his therapist about his past violence and he explains to Stimpy why he is so sorry.

As a child, Ren’s parents had to help him out of various ordeals, and he is forced to live with a homeless man. The man has the two animals trapped in his mouth. They eat bodily fluids and have sex. Ultimately, Ren is chased out of the spittoon, and seeks help from Dr. Mr. Horse. Ren sees Stimpy’s sadistic tendencies and seeks help from a therapist in this episode.

Ren’s episode features a number of songs that are sung throughout, with many memorable lines. The song that plays when the frog says, “It’s right here,” is sung by the Altruists. The next episode features “Onward and Upward,” which plays when Stimpy is shocked after asking for gravy. The song also plays in the scene where Stimpy hits Ren with his trunks.

Ren is at his least likeable point in the series. He mentions teasing insects as a child. The worst Flanderization yet, he hardly receives his comeuppance. He is also the only character to cry while Stimpy is being scolded. The crying is quite ear-piercing and Ren makes a strange expression when he disagrees with Stimpy.

Ren’s most memorable moment is when he tortures an helpless frog. The frog is an animal that he had rescued in the past, but he had no idea it could kill him. In the end, he resorted to killing the amphibian with a chainsaw, even though he hesitated to do it. When he finally did kill it, he did so unceremoniously.

There are many scenes that make you laugh. Ren looks at a TV set when he hears Mr. Horse say he loves Stimpy. Then, Stimpy points to the TV and says “how pitiful”. In Ren Seeks Help, the song is played when Ren tells Stimpy to “beg your pardon” and holds a gun. The movie is also hilarious because of the many witty moments.

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