Restaurants in Bernardsville, NJ, Are a Hotbed for Good Cuisine

The town of Bernardsville, NJ, is a hotbed for good cuisine. Its restaurants offer both American and international cuisines. The historic train station was built in 1872. You can find everything from a small Italian restaurant to a fine dining experience at one of the many local restaurants. Bernardsville has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a special occasion or a casual dinner with the family.

Rudolph’s Steakhouse – Rudolph’s Steakhouse is located in the historic Stone Building. It serves American cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant uses prime cuts of meat that have been aged for 30 days and has a large selection of older wines. Rudolph Hisena, the restaurant’s owner has donated a large wine collection to the community so that you can find great wines at a reasonable price.

The Station Restaurant & Bar – Located in downtown Bernardsville, this casual eatery serves up American, Italian, Mexican, and French cuisine. This popular restaurant attracts well-to do vacationers. The town grew into a popular destination for wealthy New Yorkers. It also spawned many businesses. Among them are Bernardsville’s restaurants. Listed below are the top ones, ranked by their Yelp reviews and distance from the Heritage at Claremont.

The Bernardsville Inn is a gourmet restaurant that has won several awards. Zagat’s named it one of the top gourmet restaurants in New Jersey, and Sette has been hailed as “Best New Restaurant in the United States.”

Restaurants in Bernardsville, NJ, Are a Hotbed for Good Cuisine
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